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about us

build, connect, share, experiences.

Our  Purpose

To establish a culture of responsible interdisciplinary scientific research, knowledge and innovations that will transform people's lives towards an inclusive society and sustainable digital economy
  • To craft world class holistic human-computer interaction experiences and operations - for the people and with the people - that embrace diversity and enhance inclusion

  • To build fair and explainable human-centered artificial intelligence technologies, models and innovations that improve people’s lives and promote well-being

  • To design sophisticated green methods, processes, workflows, and algorithms for optimum return - simple input that produces massive / scalable outcomes

  • To produce original knowledge and basic theory that can explain phenomena and enhance understanding of real problems

  • To fabricate an international hub of researchers, academics and professionals that bridges interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise towards federated solutions and services with tangible social impact

  • To focus on the youth and sensitive groups inspiring their learning journey, guiding their educational path, and facilitating their career orientation and development

 Core Principles 

The current information age is driven by rich experiences, smart technologies, and big data. Our mission is to serve responsibly the youth and organizations, by offering knowledge, innovative solutions, inclusive services and opportunities that can help them meet their best potential.

-Panagiotis Germanakos, Co-Founder & Director

Scientific Excellence through Purposeful Research

Establishing timely initiatives that tackle complex societal challenges and foster scientific excellence in the wider area of information technology. Primarily, through the hosting and participation in R&D projects (In-house, National or European), that connect science-to-society,  -public, -private and -business landscapes, and produce purposeful situation-specific outcomes for the greater good

Organization & Knowledge Sharing

Facilitating the diffusion of research & scientific knowledge, through the promotion of public exchange, organization of local and international events (e.g., conferences, workshops, seminars), (open source) scientific practices and publications, white reports, info sessions, social case studies, and advise of policy makers with informed insights for impactful decisions

How To

Education & Up-skilling

Teaching and mentoring young scientists - with special care on young female researchers and students promoting gender equality in the scientific domain. Dedicated actions support trainings, info sessions & workshops, connect experts and students, award scholarships, involve young researchers in real-life R&D projects and offer study and career orientation guidance and development

Research as a Service

Building on our long-term experience in interdisciplinary basic and applied research we embrace opportunities for putting our knowledge-into-practice either by engaging into short term ad-hoc contributions and consultancy or to long-term actions through our more consistent involvement on requests and research topics that will enable organizations to successfully meet their objectives and make them to excel


The resident members of PulseX have been or currently collaborating with a number of research teams and experts around the world, affiliated with top class academic institutions and research centers
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